That Pregnancy Glow 🙌🏻

Every mom-to-be dreams of her pregnancy glow. The luscious hair, the strong long nails and the healthy glow. Thing is everyone’s hormones are different and body’s react in different ways. Maybe hair is duller; maybe even the skin! I, for example, went from great combination skin to super dry! Even in the summer! I’m sure my body will trick me again in the coming months- maybe I’ll even be oily this winter!

The excitement when you first find out…! The lists,the worries, the “not to use” products! Endless research. And not one manual can help!

Retinol was maybe once your best friend- not anymore mom-to-be, skin cell turnover seems like a thing of the past! But not for long! I wasn’t going to NOT exfoliate my whole pregnancy! You just have to readjust your whole routine! Ingredients are very important! The largest organ in your body(your skin) can absorb everything you put on it- and not all those things are good for your new #1.

Meet your new best friend: fruit acids.

My two saviors have been:

Retrouve’ Skin Brilliance Priming Pads-gentle, non-abrasive fruit derived glow pads! Ingredients include naturally occurring AHAs like sugar cane and maple, even lemon extract! Adios dead skin cells! Use on cleansed, dry skin (I do twice a week or as needed) and get ready to Rock your glowing complexion!

If you’re looking for a little kick and lower maintenance look no further than…

Juice Beauty Green Apple Peel Pregnancy- exfoliates, brightens and tones skin for maximum product absorption. Delivers exfoliation without Vitamin A and corrects the visibility of dark spots, uneven skin tone and blemishes. Healthy cell turnover for maximum penetration. Once a week is enough for my dry skin and I feel like I just got a facial. Apply to cleansed damp skin. Leave on for 10-15 min, rinse and GLOW!

Honestly, I’ve never felt more beautiful than growing a human inside of me, (with the exception of occasional insecurities- )but there is always a way to treat yourself and still look fab momma! Be your best self! Self care is symbiotic with self love. 💕

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